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The United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) is one of the largest and strongest private sector Unions in North America.  UFCW Members work in dozens of industries:

  • retail food stores
  • food processing
  • poultry processing
  • meat packing plants
  • department stores
  • banks
  • chemical and manufacturing plants
  • distilleries
  • textile plants
  • hospitals

and many more workplaces.

The UFCW is made up of more than 1.4 million people like you, people working together to improve their lives. The union - and its resources - stand with the members.

The UFCW is a strong union, with an informed, active and loyal membership and a progressive and responsive leadership.  We are a union whose voice is heard and respected in the labor movement, in Washington, D.C. and Ottawa, in state and provincial capitals, and in international forums overseas: a union that serves its members and that is respected by employers at the collective bargaining table. 

The UFCW has a national office in Washington, D.C. and more than 900 local unions throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

UFCW Local 99 is the largest private sector union in the State of Arizona.

The following is a list of companies in Arizona which are currently represented by UFCW Local 99 Collective Bargaining Agreements.

  • Ace Parking - Phoenix
  • Ace Parking - Tucson
  • Albertson's - Yuma
  • Arizona Center for Disability Law
  • Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
  • Benson Hospital
  • Calcot Compress Company
  • Community Legal Service
  • Compass Group - Eurest Raytheon
  • Copper Queen Hospital
  • Fry's Food and Drug
  • Fry's Market Place
  • Looks Good Printing
  • Mission Foods
  • NatureSweet USA LLC
  • Precept
  • Robert B. Yacko D.D.S., P.C.
  • Safeway Inc.
  • Smith's Food and Drug
  • Southern Arizona Legal Aid
  • Southwest Service Administrators
  • Trinity Services Group, Inc. - Douglas Corrections
  • Trinity Services Group, Inc. - Florence Corrections
  • Waste Management

A Union is you and your co-workers joining together to secure better wages and working conditions.  UFCW Local 99 represents the people for the purpose of improving wages, benefits and working conditions.  Employees request to be represented by a Union so they "collectively" can have power, under the umbrella of a Union who will do the talking for them.  Unions are workers helping workers to:

  • Improve wages, benefits, and working conditions;
  • Have an independent voice at work; and
  • Be treated with dignity and respect.

The U.S. Government says you have the legal right to join a union or help organize a union where you work.

The more workers join together to fight for their rights, the more management listens to what they have to say.

Only Union members can participate and vote on union contracts.  Union contracts are the only way to have a true voice in your workplace.

The more you and your co-workers are involved in the union, the more everyone gains - better wages, better working conditions, and better benefits.

  • Wages that are 30-35 percent higher than non-union workers (Department of Labor statistics).
  • Sick pay
  • Paid holidays
  • Time and one-half for over eight hours worked and, in many contracts, tine and one-half for Sunday work
  • Low cost health insurance in most agreements covering you and your family for both full-time and part-time workers - one of the best plans in Arizona
  • Guaranteed work hours for full-time workers and, in most contracts, for part-time workers.
  • Pension fully paid by the employer.
  • Representation, job security, and a voice in the workplace that is only a dream for non-union workers.
  • Member-only benefits including dental care, chiropractic care,  legal referral and discount vacation packages, discount sporting event, amusement/theme park, and show tickets, restaurant discounts, car care discounts, financial service discounts and many, many more.

Click here to download a catalog of the many products made by UFCW members.

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