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When the Framers of the U.S. Constitution met over 200 years ago, they envisioned a free society to determine its own destiny.  History has demonstrated that a free people through representative government can enlighten people 'to form a more perfect union.'  Ending slavery, child labor, and giving all Americans the right to vote are milestones in our experiment with democracy.

However, democracy is not a spectator sport.  Sitting on the sidelines is not going to change the outcome of the game.  Democracy demands participation.  Majority rule should not be determined by the few.  You can be assured, if you don't vote, your vote doesn't count or make a difference.

UFCW Community Affairs Department was established to encourage UFCW members to exercise their right to participate in the political process.  Registering members to vote, voting for labor friendly candidates, holding elected officials accountable, political education, and lobbying to protect our members' interests, are major activities of the Community Affairs Department.

You can make your union a more effective organization in our pursuit in making government "of the people, by the people, for the people" more responsive to the people.  Get involved today to make tomorrow a better place for all.


The UFCW Political Action Committee is a segregated fund of voluntary payroll deductions of $1.00 or more per week from UFCW members.  The funds raised are used to help elect labor friendly candidates in our cities, counties and at the state Legislature.  State law strictly prohibits unions or corporations to use general revenue for political campaigns.

A candidate will receive UFCW Local 99's endorsement based on their support or position on working family issues; not on party affiliation.  Issues such as worker's right to organize, collective bargaining, living wages, and quality health care to mention a few, determine who gets our support.

A successful political campaign needs a qualified candidate, volunteers, and money.  Money allows the  candidate to deliver their message to the voters.  Direct mail, radio and TV spots are extremely costly but necessary to communicate with the voting population and effectively deliver the candidate's message.

Join UFCW Local 99's Political Action Committee. 

For more information regarding the UFCW Local 99 PAC, e-mail Stan Chavira at stanc@ufcw99.com


Requirements for registering to vote or updating your existing registration
  • A citizen of the United States.
  • 18 Years of age or older preceding the next general election.
  • A resident of the state 29 days preceding the next general election.
  • Have not been convicted of a felony or treason, if so, your civil rights have been restored.
Download Voter Registration Form:
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You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view documents attached to this page.
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Please mail the signed completed form to:
UFCW Local 99
Attn: Stan Chavira
2401 N. Central Ave, 2nd Fl
Phoenix, AZ 85004-133



Proposition 200, passed by the voters of Arizona at the 2004 General Election, which became effective January 24, 2005 , requires that proof of citizenship must be submitted with all NEW voter registration forms.

Satisfactory evidence of United States citizenship includes one of the following:

  • An Arizona driver’s license number (or copy of the license) or non-operating identification license number (or copy of the identification license), issued after 10/01/1996.
  • A driver’s license or non-operating identification license from another state that identifies United States Citizenship.
  • A legible photocopy of a birth certificate with the name of the applicant that verifies United States Citizenship.
  • A legible photocopy of the pertinent pages of the United States passport.
  • United States naturalization certificate number or the presentation of the original certificate of naturalization. (If only the number is provided, the County Recorder must verify the number with INS prior to adding the applicant to the voter rolls.).
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs Card Number, Tribal Treaty Card Number or Tribal Enrollment Number.

A name cannot be added to the voter registration file until these requirements are met.

La Proposición 200, aprobada por los votantes de Arizona en la Elección General del 2004, la cual entró en efecto el 24 de Enero del 2005, requiere que una prueba de ciudadanía sea sometida con todas las formas NUEVAS de registro.

Evidencia satisfactoria de ciudadanía de Estados Unidos incluye uno de los siguientes:

  • Número de licencia de conducir de Arizona (o copia de la licencia) o número de Identificación de Arizona (o copia de la Identificación), expedida después del 10/01/1996.
  • Licencia de conducir o identificación de otro estado que identifique la Ciudadanía de Estados Unidos.
  • Una fotocopia legible del Acta de Nacimiento con el nombre del aplicante que verifique la ciudadanía de Estados Unidos.
  • Una fotocopia legible de las páginas pertinentes del pasaporte de Estados Unidos.
  • Número de certificado de naturalización de Estados Unidos o la presentación del certificado original de naturalización . (Si sólo nos proporciona el número, el Registrador del Condado debe verificar el número con INS antes de agregar al aplicante a la lista de votantes.)
  • Número de tarjeta del Buró de Asuntos Indios, número de tarjeta de Tratado Tribal o número de inscripción Tribal.

Ningún nombre puede ser agregado al archivo de registro de votantes hasta que el requerimiento sea cumplido.











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