HomeChef founder Pat Vihtelic believes in the staying power of the grocery store.

And why not?

His five-year-old startup, which sells meal kits, is about to merge with one of the country’s largest grocers, Kroger Co. in a $700 million deal expected to close this year. HomeChef will also be shepherding Kroger’s other meal kit offerings for customers, too.

HomeChef will continue to sell its meal kits on Walmart Inc.’s website, he said.

As for the future of grocery stores 10 years hence, which TheStreet has covered, Vihtelic had this to say when he popped into our offices on Thursday, May 31:

“It will continue to evolve,” he said. “The most innovation in a grocery store is happening in the fresh, prepared and meal solutions category. This [deal] is the sign that Kroger believes in it. [In a decade], I can see the perimeter of the store being more important.”

Source: TheStreet