Local 99 welcomes 1,000 new members at the JBS beef processing plant in Hyrum, Utah.

See President Jim McLaughlin’s message below or download the PDF here

Dear Members:

I am thrilled to announce that workers at JBS International’s beef processing and packing plant in Hyrum, Utah, will join Local 99 in a merger that was approved overwhelmingly by both memberships.

The merger, which becomes effective on Oct. 1, brings nearly 1,000 JBS workers who work under a UFCW Local 435 agreement into Local 99’s fold.

With a pre-merger membership of 22,000, Local 99 is the largest local of the 1.3 million-member UFCW International Union that is based in a “right to work” state. Now, we’re even bigger!

Greater size equates to greater strength at the bar- gaining table for everyone, in all of the industries we serve.

This merger is an example of Local 99’s ability to organize workplaces and recruit new members. In particular, Utah’s Cache Valley provides a great opportunity for our union to grow further in northern Utah.

Merging the two locals makes us stronger together so we can win more together.

In Solidarity,


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