The nation’s largest grocery chain has vowed to stop using plastic bags.

Cincinnati-based Kroger says it will phase out the plastic bags by 2025. The chain goes through 6 billion bags annually.

The project will start at Kroger’s Seattle chain QFC, where CBS News reports that it expects to be plastic free by next year.

Seattle last week became the first major U.S. city to ban plastic drink straws and utensils, while similar proposals are under consideration in New York and San Francisco, CBS reported.

According to the World Economic Forum, humans have dumped 150 million metric tons of plastic into the Earth’s marine environments with an estimated 8 million more metric tons being dumped each year.

Many of those plastics break down into microplastics which can be a danger to marine life at all levels of the food chain.

Kroger, which serves almost 9 million people daily through its two dozen grocery chains, has more than 2,700 stores across the nation.

The company is encouraging its customers to choose reusable bags, the Daily Journal (Tupelo, Miss.) reported.