A newspaper in Texas ran an advertisement for Wal-Mart which left readers baffled: “Save Money. Screw People Over.”

The Alvin Sun ran the ad several days before Christmas, Fox 26 reports.

The holiday message ended up being not-so cheery, reading, “Merry Christmas from Wal-Mart. Save Money. Screw People Over.”

While some online speculated that the image was Photoshopped, the Houston-area newspaper admits the ad is all too real.

Wal-Mart’s actual slogan is “Save Money. Live Better”, so how did the error happen? The paper’s publisher told Fox 26 that a graphic artist searched for images of the Wal-Mart logo on Google and selected one without proofreading.

The Wal-Mart’s store manager said the newspaper has already scheduled an apology that will run in the publication.

Source: WSVN.com