Retail giant Walmart has started selling a private label wine collection in about 1,100 of its stores across the country, Food Dive reports.

Winemakers Selection includes 10 private label wines sourced from wineries in California, France and Italy.

The curated collection is made for Walmart by winemakers working directly with the retailer’s buyers, according to Winsight Grocery Business.

Executives say that approach — which is used successfully by competitors like Trader Joe’s, Lidl and Aldi per Winsight — can help build Walmart’s reputation for quality at a value.

“In the past, we would canvass the world and figure out what was available and what we could do quickly at scale,” said Al Dominguez, a Walmart SVP told Winsight. “We took a slightly different approach in working directly with winemakers.”

Most of the wines retail for $11 and drink like a $30 bottle, Dominguez said.

The selection features “highly drinkable wine for any occasion,” according to the Walmart website.

“Each wine in the Winemakers Selection has been carefully curated from the best wine regions of the world to bring you exceptional taste at an affordable price.”

Wine sales are expected to grow by nearly 6 percent a year through 2023, writes Food Dive, pointing to data from Zion Market Research. In addition, Kantar Retail analysts expect private label growth between now and 2022 to outstrip the previous five years.

Because of its size, Walmart making a move into wine, “will likely incite other grocery retailers to try their hand at private label wines, and could even threaten some traditional wineries,” according to Food Dive.