Essential workers deserve Hazard Pay during COVID-19

Whether you work in a grocery store, pharmacy, senior care facility, hospital, or in meatpacking and food processing, you have earned and deserve hazard pay.

Thousands of workers, customers, and community members joined UFCW’s national Hazard Pay week of action and are speaking out about why essential workers deserve hazard pay. This pandemic isn’t over, and workers deserve compensation for the risks and responsibilities they are being asked to take on. Learn more and take action at

Text “HazardPay” to 23396 to sign a petition in support of essential workers and stand with America’s frontline grocery workers. Message & data rates may apply. Click here for privacy policy and terms. Text STOP to cancel or HELP for help.

See what our members have to say about Hazard Pay:

“Since Covid-19 hit the states, we essential workers have hit the ground running and we haven’t quit. We continue to stock the shelves and give the customers the highest customer service that we can in these chaotic times.” 

Tawnya J., Food Clerk at Fry’s 78

“In a small town like ours, we have quite a few people that don’t think they need to wear a mask and they come in our store every day and our management is having a heck of a time enforcing that mask mandate. When we’re getting paid hazard pay, we’re feeling valued as essential workers and that’s what we need to feel as we’re dredging along, working crazy hours of overtime. Hazard pay would indeed help us all tremendously.” 

Paula C., APC, Safeway 1584

“Through this pandemic, it’s been hard. There’s probably been about 8 to 10 people in my store the past month who’ve gone down [with Covid] and thank God I’m not one of them. I have a family; I have a little girl who has a dysfunctional kidney. I can’t bring this home to my family and it stresses us every day.”

Juan M., Deli Clerk at Fry’s 20

“We are the ones that are there every day working around it [Covid]. I just think hazard pay is essential to us that are working on the front lines; I think that it is important to us because we do work hard and are working with the threat of this virus, every single day, day in and day out.”

Jennine N., GM Manager, Safeway 2651

“I think Hazard Pay is an incredible boost of morale and it’s a little something to look forward to. I was one of those people that didn’t think I could get Covid-19 and unfortunately, I did in July. I was out for about 30 days and it was a really tough come back but I was able to come back and a lot of my team members and managers supported me throughout all this. ….Those bonuses really do great for us to motivate us to continue working in these conditions as this [grocery] business has amplified so much more. Good luck out there Safeway members and any other union members, good luck.”

Steve P., Meat Cutter, Safeway 247

“I do believe we are at a higher risk than the average worker and we’re out there doing what we have to do to try and keep people safe. Sometimes it does happen where we know people know they are sick and positive [with Covid] and still come into the pharmacy anyways to pick up medication, to get a consultation and therefore we are put at risk. Just think about what we do and how we do it and we are there no matter what.”

Karina C., Pharmacy Tech, Fry’s 610