Essential workers deserve Hazard Pay during COVID-19

Whether you work in a grocery store, pharmacy, senior care facility, hospital, or in meatpacking and food processing, you have earned and deserve hazard pay.

Thousands of workers, customers, and community members joined UFCW’s national Hazard Pay week of action and are speaking out about why essential workers deserve hazard pay. This pandemic isn’t over, and workers deserve compensation for the risks and responsibilities they are being asked to take on. Learn more and take action at

Text “HAZARDPAY” to 23396 to support essential workers and stand with America’s frontline grocery workers.

See what our members have to say about Hazard Pay:

Hear from our members:

“Hazard pay is important because it’s really stressful and hard to be here every single day knowing that there’s a lot of people out there struggling. We’re just stressed out a lot. We keep showing up to work, working hard for the benefit of our communities. We’ve been working harder, much more so than what it was like before the coronavirus. It’s way busier now than it used to be. The companies are making money and we’re doing the work and struggling to keep going and keep pushing. Honestly, hazard pay is just another bit of appreciation that could give us what we need to keep surviving through this pandemic.”

Daniel,  Safeway 1275

“Why should hazard pay be reinstated? Because we’re on the front lines. We’re putting ourselves at risk in the midst of this pandemic. We’re giving people food to survive, to keep everyone else going, to keep the country going.”

Matt, Safeway 1983

“I believe we deserve hazard pay because of all that we’re going through to provide good customer service for our customers. I think it would show appreciation from our parent company, Kroger, if they were to reinstate hazard pay. It would show the company appreciates our service and our great customer service skills.”

Janet, Fry’s 623

“Why should hazard pay be reinstated? I think it’s right and it’s fair. A lot of customers thank us that we are working. A lot of times, we don’t realize that we’re in harm’s way, but we are, right? So, it would be nice, it would show more appreciation from the company.”

Don, Safeway 1983

“We’re at risk to get sick, but we’re still working with people and wearing these masks. It’s really important that they restore our pay. I think it’d show appreciation, because it’s a big deal what we’re going through. I have three kids. Every day I have to go home, take my clothes off and put it right in the washer, wash my hands before I go in and give them a hug. My job has changed; all of ours has. It’s really weird that everybody’s wearing a mask and if you see someone without a mask; you have to tell the managers, but they don’t do anything.”

Gabby, Fry’s 17

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During this pandemic, we believe all of you have earned and deserve hazard pay.

By sharing your story about the risks you face at work, you are helping to send a message to our employers and elected leaders that as long as the threat and hazards of COVID-19 remain, hazard pay is essential for hardworking UFCW members.
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