Leadership Reports

President’s Report

The bonds of empathy

December 12, 2018

I always enjoy watching my children have fun on the soccer field. They are super stars (in my eyes) on their team! But more importantly, their teams make them better.

From my seat in the uncomfortable camping chairs, I not only get to see their smiles, I get a glimpse into the future.

Through sports and play, our children learn how to be friends, sisters, brothers, teammates, arbitrators, caregivers and consolers. With proper guidance, they learn to work together and share the ball. They learn to enjoy making the assist as well as scoring the goal. They learn that to win, they must work together.

As they grow older, the basic nature of their social interactions will remain the same, even as the location may change from athletic field to campus to job site to home.

If all goes well, my children and y

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Secretary-Treasurer’s Report

Election results affirm our potential for progress

December 12, 2018

As I write this report in the weeks after Election Day, we are finally getting a clear picture of the scope of our successes as advocates for working people.

The results indicate that many of the winning candidates were supported by UFCW Local 99 and our allies in the Labor Movement. 

These results show our hard work in the political process has paid off and will continue to pay off for working families for years to come. We had 15 members come out on a SPUR program to work 40 hours a week, helping get our allies elected. Our union members registered to vote in record numbers and then voted for the right candidates and causes.

Local 99 is proud to have performed a key role in the coalition that he

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