Make a difference in workers’ lives!

Improve the lives of workers and share union pride while connecting to a greater purpose – become a SPUR!


What is a SPUR?

A Special Project Union Representative (SPUR) is a member who will help with Local 99 union activities for a period of time between 30 days and one year. 

In this fully paid position, you would take a leave of absence from your job to participate in a variety of activities:

  • Organizing campaigns
  • Store sign-ups
  • Local political activities

Becoming a SPUR is an excellent opportunity to develop your leadership and organizational skills. At the same time, it’s exciting, satisfying work that makes a difference to working people in your community and in your state.

Upon completion of service, SPURs return to their workplace with no changes to their prior job classification, wages, hours, benefits and position.

Motivated, passionate Local 99 members are invited to apply for this special opportunity.

Share union pride and connect to a greater purpose!

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