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By Jeff Wells
Source: Grocery Dive

When examining the grocery industry’s prospects in 2024, it’s hard to overstate the significance of the Kroger-Albertsons merger. 

If the Federal Trade Commission allows the $24.6 billion deal to proceed — or if the grocer prevails in federal court over a challenge from the agency — it would reshape the competitive landscape in the U.S. The combination would introduce a colossal new supermarket player and would very likely create a ripple effect that impacts everything from supply chains to M&A activity across the grocery space. 

If the two companies aren’t able to consummate the deal, or if they get bogged down in a protracted legal battle with the FTC, the year will look quite different.

But the mega-merger isn’t the only significant topic for 2024. In interviews with experts over the past few weeks, we’ve heard about a variety of challenges and opportunities facing the grocery industry.

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