By Su-Jit Lin
Source: The Takeout

Composed big bowl salads are my bag. I’ll try every one just to tell everyone how to build a better salad at Chopt, how to max out Fogo de Chao’s salad bar, what’s good at Sweetgreen, and so on. I love salad so much that sometimes when I travel and I’m feeling leaf-deprived, I’ll buy a container of washed leafy greens just to eat straight up—and when I do, I prefer crisp, sweet, hydroponically grown baby greens.

So when I found out my favorite brand, Little Leaf Farms, was expanding into salad kits, I had to find out more. What I learned is these hydroponic salad greens are becoming more readily available as other regional brands like Revol Greens, Gotham Greens, and national leader in hydroponic produce BrightFarms are growing—in every literal sense—and jumping on the salad kit trend. Here’s why you should be as excited about this news as I am.

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