By Russell Redman

Source: Supermarket News

Amazon’s brick-and-mortar supermarket chains, Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market, are settling into distinct market niches amid improved foot traffic and decreased cross-shopping between the two banners, according to an analysis by

Nearly two dozen Amazon Fresh stores have opened their doors since the first location made its debut in Woodland Hills, Calif., in August 2020. Looking at that store plus seven other Amazon Fresh outlets open about a year, location-based retail foot traffic specialist said those locations saw monthly store visits rise from the second to fourth quarters of 2021. The Woodland Hills (+24.1%), Whittier (+20.8%) and Fullerton (+17.6%), Calif., stores tallied the largest gains over that time span.

“The Woodland Hills, Irvine (Calif.), Northridge (Calif.) and Naperville (Ill.) locations all opened in late 2020, the Whittier (Calif.) and Schaumburg (Ill.) locations opened in January 2021, and the Fullerton and Oak Lawn (Ill.) locations opened in February 2021. By April 2021, the novelty wore off, so Q2 through Q4 foot traffic trends can reveal how well these Amazon Fresh grocery stores have embedded themselves into their communities,” author Shira Petrack wrote in a new report on Tuesday.

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