By Catherine Douglas Moran

Source: Grocery Dive

  • The proportion of Amazon Prime members who buy groceries on Amazon is trending downward, according to surveys analyzed in a new report from Coresight Research. In 2022, 56.9% of surveyed Prime members surveyed said they bought groceries online from the retailer in the past year compared to 57.7% who said the same in 2021 and 70.6% in 2018, Coresight found.
  • The report, which gives an overview of U.S. grocery e-commerce, noted Amazon is the most shopped online grocery retailer. However, its customers appear to have smaller grocery baskets in comparison to other large retailers — an issue the e-tailer has grappled with for years.
  • “Amazon tried to crack online grocery with a purely pure-play presence, and it didn’t really do it very well. … It’s realized you’ve got to have this multichannel proposition in grocery,” John Mercer, head of global research at Coresight, said in an interview.

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