The Governor’s statement earlier this week that only people working legally in Nebraska meat packing plants will get Covid vaccinations is being questioned.

The Governor’s office says meat processing companies work to verify the legal status of their workers.

But, Eric Reeder, President of UFCW Local 293, tells 6 News, “I’ve been involved in the meatpacking plants for probably 30 years, and there is absolutely undocumented workers working in all the plants. The statement that there are not is patently false.”

The union says the best way to make sure these plants keep running, is to make sure everyone rolls up their sleeves.

“This isn’t political,” said Reeder. “This is simply a virus that if you don’t put a stop to it or try to make these plants safer you’re not going to keep up with the demand we already have. So if you want to keep them working you have to keep them as safe as possible.”

Infectious disease expert Dr. Mark E. Rupp, M.D. said, “even if someone is undocumented if they get sick, they contract to someone else, they can come into the hospital and use a large amount of resources.”

Rupp says if we want essential services, the workers need to be protected the best they can.

“These industries have been designated as crucial and essential so it would seem like we want to protect the people in those industries,” said Rupp.

Source: 1110 KFAB