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By Clint Rainey
Source: Fast Company

In e-commerce, little is more personal than grocery shopping. A single mistake can torpedo a market order’s whole purpose. Say you want to make a pasta dinner but your order arrives with tomato sauce, rather than the canned tomato paste your recipe calls for. Or the noodles are not gluten-free, as requested. Suddenly the convenience of shopping online has curdled into annoyance.

Of course, that may be only the beginning of the irritation. After all, you paid a $9.95 delivery fee for your ruined dinner. The exasperation ripples through every node in the grocery commerce system. The shopper who’s trying to make this gig work rifled through 30,000 supermarket SKUs in a scavenger hunt rivaling Guy’s Grocery Games to tackle your shopping list. The store itself isn’t exactly winning either: It may pocket a grand total of $2 or $3, after delivery costs eat into grocery’s already slim profit margins.

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