On Wednesday during a telephone town hall with the Local 99 advisory committee, the members of your negotiating team announced a tentative agreement was reached with your employers, Frys, Smiths and Safeway.

Your union and the employers are finalizing the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) and preparing for the ratification process.

In an effort to keep our members as safe as possible, it is expected that ratification will take place electronically. We will be communicating further with our members via email and video messages.

Please watch for an email in the coming week from Local 99 containing details and instructions regarding your contract ratification.

If you have not been receiving regular emails from Local 99, it is possible that we do not have your correct email address on file.

You can update your email address by logging into the Member Portal at UFCW99.com or email memberupdate@ufcw99.com with your correct information. PLEASE ONLY SEND AN UPDATE IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN RECEIVING EMAILS FROM LOCAL 99.