By April Corbin Girnus
Source: Nevada Current

At the intersection of Maryland Parkway and Silverado Ranch Boulevard in Las Vegas sits both an Albertsons and a Smith’s Food & Drug. Their close proximity to one another means residents in the area can easily frequent both in search of preferred food brands or better deals.

But in due time these rivals may be one and the same.

Smith’s Cincinnati-based parent company, Kroger, has proposed buying Albertsons for $24.6 billion in a deal they hope to close early next year. That deal, which will be subject to regulatory approval by the Federal Trade Commission, is drawing criticism and concerns from elected officials, antitrust advocates and one of the country’s largest private sector unions.

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford this week launched a series of public “listening sessions” to gather thoughts and opinions on the proposed merger, which has the potential to impact thousands of jobs, dozens of grocery stores, and the price and availability of food across the state.

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