By Eric Neugeboren
Source: The Nevada Independent

Standing in a small room in Las Vegas earlier this month, Abraham Camejo had a message for Nevada’s attorney general: A merger between Kroger and Albertsons could make it harder to put food on his family’s table.

Camejo, a construction safety manager, is a father of six. To feed his family, he and his wife often buy four gallons of milk each week and dozens of eggs. He’s worried that if Kroger and Albertsons merge, his family will have to make tough decisions on which foods they can afford.

“My wife is going to be looking at the prices, and am I going to be able to say, ‘Do I buy milk or can I afford strawberries? Can I afford grapes, which my little girls love?’” Camejo said. “My family’s from Cuba. I know how it is to live without food. I know how it is to have to fight for it  … And that is the greatest concern that I have with this merger is those types of questions.”

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