By Lennie Wyatt
Source: Medium

As a person who knew Brigid Kelly personally and professionally, I wanted to express my appreciation to the news media for their coverage of Brigid’s passing. The outpouring of responses to Brigid’s passing from all walks of life or political parties are a breath of fresh air in this climate of division. On behalf of Brigid’s family, we appreciate the stories of Brigid’s positive impact and your sharing them at this very sad time. We sincerely thank you.

The media briefly highlighted Brigid’s political accomplishments, but it just scratched the surface of who Brigid was and what drove her. I’d like to share with you the Brigid I have known so well for years. I first noticed Brigid when she was doing an internship program with the Cincinnati AFL-CIO Labor Council. In my career as a Labor leader, I had never seen such a young person with so much maturity and commitment to help people. We hired Brigid right away at UFCW and she began her post college career. Brigid’s passion for her job with UFCW Local 75 was contagious and her work ethic was unequalled. She never turned down staff or members’ needs whether it was mornings, nights, or weekends; Brigid was always on duty, never too busy to respond.

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