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Source: The Lempert Report

Rise and shine, food enthusiasts! Brace yourselves as we pull back the curtain on the intriguing world of food prices with Dr. Ricky Volpe Ph.D, the food economist and professor, who’s here to share his wisdom. Discover why your grocery bills are skyrocketing and why food prices are not dropping. Hear Volpe’s predictions of a slow but steady recovery in prices, and learn about the influence of climate change and global conflicts on food costs. This episode promises to unravel the enigma of food price formation, a must-listen for anyone looking to understand this complex issue.

The show continues to simmer as we stir up discussions about the tough tussle between retailers and CPG companies amidst rising food costs. How are retailers demanding transparency and justification for price increases? Why are more retailers investing in vertical integration and store brands? How have consumers changed their shopping habits during the pandemic? Ponder over the role of marketing in maintaining brand recognition and defying the stigma associated with store brands. This episode is a veritable feast of insights into the food industry, leaving you hungry for more. Tune in to explore the changing perceptions around store brands and to understand the crucial need for transparency in our food supply chain.

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