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Families are now finding themselves working, playing, going to school and living all under one roof. Due to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, millions of adults and children are learning to adapt to their new normal. It is important to remember; the first few days or weeks of any new routine can be challenging. Below are three tips for finding balance with everyone under one roof.

  1. CREATE  A RHYTHM FOR THE FAMILY. Try to avoid having a strict schedule because failing to adhere can be disappointing. Instead have a general rhythm that you follow each day. Be sure to include time for exercise, to do house chores, catch up with friends and family remotely and time to be outside. It is important to maintain an eating schedule so you don’t find yourself snacking all day long.
  2. OVER-COMMUNICATE. This applies to your family and work. Everyone is adjusting, so it is critical to have conversations about these changes. If you are working from home, be sure your family knows even though you are home you need space and time to work. Kids will react differently to the changes and will need you to provide guidance. Be sure to speak clearly, openly and with age appropriate language to help them adjust to their new normal.
  3. HAVE FUN! Look for new ways to connect with your children and partner. Play boardgames, go for hikes or spend time in nature. Cook a new meal or delicious dessert. Start a puzzle or make a fort with blankets. Listen to audiobooks, dig into your family history or have a dance party.