Few things are certain in this election year, but we do know Arizona will play a significant role in determining the future course of our country.

Consider that Arizona is no longer a state to be taken for granted by either political party. In a close national election, the state’s 11 votes in the Electoral College could decide whether Joseph Biden or Donald Trump occupies the White House over the next four years.

Think of the momentous presidential election in 2000, when the results were decided by just one state. Texas Gov. George W. Bush was proclaimed the victor because he won in Florida by the thinnest of margins — only 537 votes.

It’s not far-fetched to say Arizona could play a similar role in November of 2020, and the margins in the Grand Canyon State could be just as close.

Then there’s the battle for the United States Senate. The victor in Arizona — either Republican incumbent Martha McSally or Democratic challenger Mark Kelly — could have a significant role in determining which party controls the Senate. And the party that controls the presidency and the Senate determines the future composition of the United States Supreme Court!

Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking our individual votes won’t make a difference. They will make a difference.

Not a single citizen, let alone a union member, can afford to leave this choice for others to make. This is not a time to be passive or indecisive. Too much is at stake!

This isn’t only true for Local 99’s members in Arizona. It’s also true in New Mexico and Utah, where voter participation also holds the key for the future of the nation.

If you live in Arizona, please be sure that you are registered to vote by Oct. 5, 2020. You can register online atservicearizona.com/VoterRegistration

Some polling places will be open, but it may be wise in these days of COVID-19 to request an absentee (mail-in) ballot to ensure you are able to vote in a safe and secure manner. To do this, visit azsos.gov/votebymail.

In New Mexico, visit sos.state. nm.us/voting-and-elections for information on registering to vote.

In Utah, most people will be voting by mail. Go to voteinfo.utah.gov/covid-19-information for details.

Don’t let apathy deprive you of your right to participate in this historic election.

You can also register by scanning the QR code above!

Too much is at stake!